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If you would like zirka to perform at your next event, please email our club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Zirka means ‘star’ in Ukrainian and this Dauphin, Manitoba-based troupe‘s shining performances live up to their name. Zirka has been teaching, promoting, and instilling an appreciation and enjoyment of the art of Ukrainian Dance through traditional and creative dance steps, regional and authentic costumes and music to promote Ukrainian cultural awareness.

With 4 decades of passionate instruction Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and School of Dance and its dancers are seeing 2nd and 3rd generation dancers and their families enjoying and embracing their love of Ukrainian dance and culture.

Children can start from four years of age. We have grade based groups right up through high school and young adult! Our Senior Ensemble (grade nine and older) continues with a summer session for performances locally and beyond!

Here are a few reminders:

  • Please review your PARENT HANDBOOK that you should have received at registration.  It is also available on our website, and paper copies will be at the hall as well.  It has most dates and answers to questions you may have!
  • Please check your handbook (paper or on the website) if needed for class weekday and time
  • Dancers come in appropriate clothing for movement (no baggy clothes, jeans etc).  Please bring a LABELLED water bottle and take it with you when you leave.
  • Curtains will be closed around the dance area floor during practice times.  Once a month the curtains will be partly opened for observation.  

HALL ETIQUETTE:  We have the privilege of having a waiting area at the tables in the hall during class times, with the following guidelines:

  • Remove any wet/muddy/dirty shoes at the entry doors and tuck them into the coat room or out of the walkway at each door.
  • Check the bathrooms after your children have been in there to ensure toilets are flushed and no mess/papers etc left behind.
  • Clean your table and tuck in chairs when you leave (wipe table if needed, check floor and chairs for garbage/papers/crumbs/other mess)
  • There is a mop, broom if ever needed in the janitor room at the back door.
  • Children can NOT be running around in the hall or coatroom.  Please ensure they are seated at the tables when not in class.

Thank you for your assistance!

Reminder families can apply to Jumpstart for assistance with payment of registration fees.  Dauphin Recreation Services usually has application forms plus links on their website.