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If dance and prep is new to you, please be advised (regarding performances):


GIRLS:  wear blue eyeshadow, eyeliner (at outer edge of eye), red lipstick, blush.  Red beads.  No pantyhose, no jewelry, no nail polish preferred.  

French braids, preferably two if possible.  

All bangs have to be pinned back from the forehead.


 Pin slips to shirts, pin skirts in place.  If there is a sash, pin that in place also!  Red beads can be pinned to the back neckline of female shirts to help keep them in place.


     Bobby pins to keep headpieces in place. You can attach a safety pin to the inside of a headpiece (to hook a bobby pin through) if it cannot be bobby pinned on  its own.


BOYS - BLACK SOCKS, black dance slippers (unless you are in a group that has been given hutzul shoes and socks).  

Pin shirts to pants, sash as needed!  If you need assistance with the sash, be sure to come early so someone can help!

If unsure, please ask!  Someone will be able to help you out! Have your hair done and costume on when you arrive.  If you are unsure of any makeup, sashes etc, arrive early so someone can assist you. 

2017-18 season:
Jan 2018 - Kristy Korney and Makenna Hadway represented Zirka with their duet in pregame dances.
Feb 2018 - all groups performed at the Valentine's Ball.  A great time for all!
March 2018 - Beginner and intermediate groups performed at Multi culture celebration evening at WAC.
April 14 2018 - groups Gr 1 and older will perform one of their numbers at the Brandon festival.
April 21 2018 - duets entered for Russell competition
April 22 2108 - our year end recital!
Aug 1 2018 - Junior, Intermediate and Senior groups performed at the street fair in Dauphin.
Aug 6 2018 - Junior and Intermediate groups performed at Folklorama in Winnipeg.
2016/17 season:
September 2016 - Abi Hryhoruk and Amber Fidierchuk represented Zirka at a Seniors Center event.
December 3, 2016 - seniors had guests at practise!  A Japanese film crew was working on a CN documentary and highlighting the communities served.  The host and crew were great to work with, and recorded hopak to be used in the show.  
January 14, 2017 - Intro, Grade 3 novice, and seniors performed four numbers at the Malanka in Dauphin, hosted by the Young Men's Society.  Thank you for the opportunity!
Jan 28, 2017 - the Intro group provided pre game entertainment at the King's game, at the ever famous Ukrainian Night at the CUP.  Thanks to Ruff's Furniture for creating this community event.
Feb 11, 2017 - all groups participated at our club's annual Valentine's Ball.  The dancers were fabulous in their attire and the audience was very appreciative.
Mar 2017 -   intro and intermediate groups performed at multiculture celebration night at WAC
April 2017 - all groups grade one and older performed their dances at our bi annual Dauphin adjudicated festival.
June 2017 - CNUF kickoff bbq party!  
August 2017 - duets entered for the CNUF amateur talent 

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Each time a Zirka dancer(s) represent Zirka, use our costuming, etc. for a performance, a form (link below) should be filled out - ie. solo at a church function, group performance at school, competition at a non-scheduled Zirka event.